Monday, 26 July 2010

Pedal Studios Summer Survey

How great are these results - thanks to all of you who took part. I really hope we continue to meet your needs in health. You know who to call if not - andrew 07774010390

1. How many times a week do you visit the studio, on average?

1-2 79.8%
3-4 20.2%
5-6 0.0%
7+ 0.0%

2. Do you find the new online booking system easy to use?

Yes 92.0%
No 8.0%

3. How would you rate the quality of the classes provided against your expectations and other Spin classes attended?

Outstanding 20.0%
Excellent 66.7%
Good 13.3%
Average 0.0%

4. Would you recommend Pedal Studio to a friend?

Yes 98.9%
No 1.1%

5. Roughly how far do you travel to spin at the studio?

1-2 miles 71.1%
3-4 miles 22.2%
5-6 miles 5.6%
7+ miles 1.1%

6. Do you find the spin 'times' convenient for your lifestyle?

Yes 83.0%
No 17.0%

7. Do the current class 'types' suit you?

Yes 94.4%
No 5.6%

8. Do you prefer a 'pay as you' go system to a monthly contract?
Yes 93.2%
No 6.8%

9. Does the use of Suunto heart rate monitors improve your exercising experience?

Yes 92.0%
No 8.0%

10. Do you get the training support you require from Pedal Studio?

Yes 94.4%
No 5.6%

Pedal Studio Summer Survey ----- read on

Our Pedal Studio Summer Survey revealed some interesting results – I hope we are shaping the Studio into what you want it to be.

1. How did you first hear about Pedal Studio?

Leaflet 10.9%
Online 9.1%
Walk-by 38.2%
Through a friend 41.8%

2. Would you be interested in a Pedal Studio network to be able to suggest out-rides & activities outside the studio?

Yes 71.2%
No 28.8%

3. Do you think the honesty system for drinks and towels is a good one?

Yes 91.1%
No 8.9%

4. If you came to the Pedal Studio Boat Cruise on 8th August how would you describe your experience?

Outstanding 66.7%
Excellent 0.0%
Good 0.0%
Average 33.3%

5. Would you like to see more social events?

Yes 65.9%
No 34.1%

6. Would you like to see 'themed' classes e.g. Spinning Singles, Halloween Spin, Couples Spin?

Yes 31.5%
No 68.5%

7. Do you subscribe to the Blog?

Yes 14.5%
No 85.5%

8. Do you like the monthly newsletter?

Yes 94.6%
No 5.4%

9. Do you think Pedal Studio offers a value for money service?

Yes 94.8%
No 5.2%

£99 - Suunto Heart Rate Monior & 8 rides

You have been Spinning at Pedal Studio very actively. Why not spoil yourself with a M2 Heart Rate monitor from Suunto?

£99 pounds and we will throw in 8 rides with this ~ it's a deal you will never beat EVER !!!

Your own dual comfy belt will also r...eport data on the TV screen in the Studio.

Buzz the cash into the usual account & let Janine know it is for this deal and tell her which colour - Fuchsia (w) or Black (m) ( we will asume black otherwise).

Anyone keen to attend a Pedal Studio 'sports talk' on the last Thursday of a month @7pm for an hour and then some social drinks ?

Spotted Horse looks like a good spot.

Topics ( please suggest some)...

July - Heart Rate Training & VO2 Max Testing

Aug - Nutrition - buring FAT

Sep - Massage / Physio - Rehab

Oct - TriathlonsNov - Cross Training

Jan - What BikeFeb - Yoga & Pilates