Thursday, 28 October 2010

ABSA Cape Epic London 2011 Route Launch & ( Wales ) Training weekends

The 2011 route launch will take place in Putney

Venue: Telegraph ( ) Telegraph Road Putney Heath SW15 3TU

Date: Thursday 23rd November 2010

Time: 7:15 pm

Guest Speaker: Sally Bingham (Top UK Ladies finisher in the ABSA Cape Epic 2010 ~ 3rd in the mixed) ,

Nico Pfitzenmaier and Sally Bigham rode in aid of the Big Tree Foundation during the 2010 Absa Cape Epic

Mark Tickner ( Master Instructor – and trainer of 2 Top 50 Epic Finishers in 2010 )

NOTE: Specific ABSA Cape Epic Endurance/Strength training will be hosted on weekends during winter at


Two weekends of Mountain Bike training will be held in Wales at Afan Forrest to prepare riders for the ABSA Cape Epic.

This will focus on the technical skills required to ride the ABSA Cape Epic. (The hard winter months endurance training will have been done whilst all these trails are under snow !)

The weekend will allow riders to meet fellow riders, swap stories and tips. There will be nutrition talks and a screening of the ABSA Cape Epic on the big screen at the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre.

When : Weekend 1 - Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of February 2011

Weekend 2 - Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th of March 2011

(If there is heavy snow – we will move weekend 1 to run Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th March 2011)

Where: Afan Forrest Park – (Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre which has full service centre and sales for parts – and worst case, you can rent a bike)

Accommodation: Afan Lodge and The Queens – numbers dependant ( right at the centre)

Master Coach : – Mark Tickner ( )

Price : – This is still to be confirmed. + - £75

Travel: - This is not included but the ‘convoy’ will leave from – (see map) at 7am each Saturday morning.

Both days will include the choice of a long ride 3/5hrs – ‘Whites’ and ‘Skyline’ or a technical ride ‘The Wall’ (riders will be given the chance to practice descents and work on techniques )

If you are registered for the ABSA Cape Epic, this is essential ride time with the friends you will be chilling with in the chill tent before dinners as you listen to Dan snap out some witty chirps. 1200 Riders all fighting to finish – now is the time to make friends for that ‘power link’ you will borrow on route to see you to the finish of the day !

Full details will be given out at the screening of the ABSA Cape Epic route launch.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spinning and Pregnancy

Baby fat. On infants, it’s adorable. On post-partum moms, not so much. That’s why when I found out I was pregnant last year, I eschewed the idea of eating for two (read: letting myself go) and kicked my already healthy lifestyle up a few notches. Or down, if you judge my heart rate and the numbers on the weights I lifted.

Shortly after seeing the two pink lines on the home pregnancy test, I went online, not to check out the most popular baby names, but to research how to modify my workouts to my body’s new needs. Of course, I also consulted with my physician. I learned that for the most part, it was business as usual. I just had to watch my heart rate and halve the amount of weights I lifted while doubling the number of repetitions. In other words, if I curled 20-pound dumbbells 10 times for three sets before baby, I switched to doing 10-pound weights 20 times per set.

Pregnancy and fitness go together like pickles and ice cream. Think about it: As your baby and baby bump grow, the organs in your thoracic cavity get pushed around, the extra weight taxes your bones and muscles, and your heart works harder—30 percent to 50 percent as hard, to be exact—to move around the additional 40 percent to 50 percent of blood generated to nourish the fetus. That’s a lot of stress on the body and it translates into a need for even more care.

Note, however, that pregnancy is not the time to build muscles or increase cardio intensity. My aim was maintenance and toning. As my baby developed, I stuck to brisk walking instead of running and moderate-intensity Spinning classes four times a week in addition to weight training and prenatal yoga sessions.

I carried my daughter to term—she was born on her due date—and I continued to lead Spinning classes until a month before she arrived, when I fell on rain-slicked asphalt and injured my pelvic bone, rendering me unable to walk let alone teach Spinning classes. I credit staying active with keeping me free of most pregnancy-induced problems. Throughout the 40 weeks, my ankles didn’t swell, I had no extreme exhaustion, almost no nausea and zero back pain. In fact, I didn’t have a belly until I was about six months along.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) “Exercise During Pregnancy” pamphlet, working out for at least 30 minutes on most, if not all, days of the week can reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling; ward off gestational diabetes; increase energy; improve posture; and foster better sleep. Oh, and one other little thing: It may improve the ability to cope with the pain of labor and delivery.

ACOG also notes that staying fit while pregnant will facilitate getting your pre-baby body back once the stork flies off. Of course, you should consult with your doctor before beginning any form of exercise to make sure you do not have any obstetric or other health condition of which you should be mindful.

But let’s focus on what to do while you await that bundle of joy—or more precisely, what not to do. According to the ACOG, moms-to-be should avoid:

* Bouncy or high-impact moves. Not only will they become increasingly difficult to execute, but they could cause big problems. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is released to relax ligaments, making joints more prone to injury. Pregnancy also changes your center of gravity. Most women gain 25 to 40 pounds when they’re expecting, much of it in the belly, making you more likely to fall.

* Exercising to the point of breathlessness. In the past, ACOG recommended that pregnant exercisers not exceed a heart rate of 140 beats per minute. ( Pedal Studio offers you full usage for FREE of the Suunto Team Heart Rate system ~ Critical to use to be sure where your Heart Rate is during training)

* Lying flat on your back. After the first trimester, the increased weight of the uterus can compress the vein that returns blood from the legs to the heart when you’re lying down. File exercises like crunches or bench pressing in the after-baby folder.

The bottom line is don’t push too hard. Save that for the delivery room.

So what is safe? According to ACOG, a lot: walking, swimming, low-impact and water aerobics and, ta-da! cycling.

In fact, Spinning offers its own guidelines for pregnant participants:

* Modify intensity. Hover between mild and medium.

* Stay cool and hydrated. Wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing and drink plenty of water.

* Adjust the Spinner® to accommodate your growing belly and changing center of gravity. This might mean raising the handlebars or shifting the seat position.

* Stay in the saddle. Jumps and Standing Climbs are calorie-killers, but they’ll wait for when you’re ready for a post-baby burn. Remember, pregnancy is not a time to think about losing weight.

* Take postural breaks to relieve any discomfort in your lower back. Sit back, roll your shoulders and breathe deeply, sending that breath into any body part that feels strained.

Expectant moms who are new to exercising should start slowly and build up incrementally, ACOG advises. Walk for five minutes for a week and then go for 10 the next week, for example.

During any physical activity, watch for signs of problems, such as pain or an inability to catch your breath. If you experience bleeding, fluids leaking from the vagina, dizziness, chest pain, muscle weakness, calf pain or swelling, decreased fetal movement or uterine contractions, stop your workout immediately and call a doctor, ACOG says.

Pregnancy should mean a workout program adjustment, not adjournment. Besides, it’s never too soon to be a healthy role model for your child. Here’s to healthy, happy babies and moms.

Note - Pedal Studio offer Moms classes on a Thursday mid morning. These include child care for 2 hrs. ~ Please see our web site page ' Child Care'

Monday, 13 September 2010

Pro-VO2 Club Info Night & Social - 7th OCT 2010

Just a quick heads up...

We will be holding a Pro-VO2 / Pedal Studio club night and social as we go into our 2nd year as a club. This will be on Thursday the 7th October in Putney - venue to be confirmed.

It will act as a welcome night for new members and also a chance for members (old and new) to meet each other and some of Pro-VO2's partners. We will be telling you about the year ahead, doing a reduced membership fee if you join on that night, having a raffle with some awesome prizes (inc membership, maxifuel product, f3 event entries and more!!!!) ... plus there will be a Q & A with some of Pro-VO2 top sponsored athletes!!! :-)

Iain "Dogma" Maxwell and Janette "Baps" Mosley will be getting some more information about the night this week!It will be a great night to swap war stories about what you've done this year, look competitevly at each other when talking about what you will do and have "a couple" of beers ;-)

Lots happening and planned for the next year, so make sure you get along...

See you all,

Monday, 2 August 2010

Pedal Studio Nutritionist - Zuzana

A brand new nutritionist imported to Pedal Studio from Europe.

Whether you want to reduce your weight, eat well and have a balanced diet, reduce the risk of common health problems (diabetes, infarctum, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis) or you are already in the risk groups and want sound advice for promoting nutritional well-being, please feel free to make an appointment and come to see Zuzana in Pedal Studio to talk about what could be adjusted in your diet.

Shake off the marketing magic formulas and work out together how to improve your life style. She won't promise any miracles, as she has left her magical wand in the Cech Republic, but an adjusted diet, regular exercise, cooperation based on 100 % commitment from both sides and individual support can make a lot. Together you can find the most beneficial approach to healthy eating and make you feel healthier without the risk of side effects linked with diet pills.

After assessing your nutritional status describing the state of your health related to your diet, Zuzana can make a tailor-made dietary plan which will be very individual. There are several tools to rate your nutritional status, for example body analysing on the body composition scale, blood pressure measurements, medical history or blood test (if provided). Another important source for her will be a food record sheet and she will ask you to jot down everything you drink and eat within seven consecutive days. To make the notes at the time of eating and not later from memory really makes sense. Being honest with yourself is crucial to success and please do not eat less because you don’t like to write :-)

So, that´s the way to make really individual plan which will be effective (if followed). A plan designed for the needs of one particular person will not work if handed over to another person because it is not individual. We are all different and individuality is the key here. We should all strive to be nicely balanced, but human individuality brings the paradox: what is a balance for person A is not a balance for person B.

If you are in the risk group for the common cardiovascular diseases, it is always a good idea to ask your GP to have your blood tests checked (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, urine acid). It is for your own benefit and can be used to build a successful diet plan.

It takes Zuzana a maximum of ten days from the day you email her your food record sheet to make your dietary plan. A plan hand-over consultation is usually done in person. After you start following the plan, she will be happy to receive feed-back from you. You can always contact her by email or call for any advice or if any support is needed.

Any more questions? Please, feel free to call Zuzana on 07799 077 312 or email her .

One last thing, please have your kitchen scale ready to use as the food weight really matters here. If you need advise on scales, chat to Zuzana, she can promise she will train you to hone your food weight estimation skills to perfection in a very short space of time.

Zuzana is looking forward to working with you .......... because your success is hers and this is her passion.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Pedal Studios Summer Survey

How great are these results - thanks to all of you who took part. I really hope we continue to meet your needs in health. You know who to call if not - andrew 07774010390

1. How many times a week do you visit the studio, on average?

1-2 79.8%
3-4 20.2%
5-6 0.0%
7+ 0.0%

2. Do you find the new online booking system easy to use?

Yes 92.0%
No 8.0%

3. How would you rate the quality of the classes provided against your expectations and other Spin classes attended?

Outstanding 20.0%
Excellent 66.7%
Good 13.3%
Average 0.0%

4. Would you recommend Pedal Studio to a friend?

Yes 98.9%
No 1.1%

5. Roughly how far do you travel to spin at the studio?

1-2 miles 71.1%
3-4 miles 22.2%
5-6 miles 5.6%
7+ miles 1.1%

6. Do you find the spin 'times' convenient for your lifestyle?

Yes 83.0%
No 17.0%

7. Do the current class 'types' suit you?

Yes 94.4%
No 5.6%

8. Do you prefer a 'pay as you' go system to a monthly contract?
Yes 93.2%
No 6.8%

9. Does the use of Suunto heart rate monitors improve your exercising experience?

Yes 92.0%
No 8.0%

10. Do you get the training support you require from Pedal Studio?

Yes 94.4%
No 5.6%

Pedal Studio Summer Survey ----- read on

Our Pedal Studio Summer Survey revealed some interesting results – I hope we are shaping the Studio into what you want it to be.

1. How did you first hear about Pedal Studio?

Leaflet 10.9%
Online 9.1%
Walk-by 38.2%
Through a friend 41.8%

2. Would you be interested in a Pedal Studio network to be able to suggest out-rides & activities outside the studio?

Yes 71.2%
No 28.8%

3. Do you think the honesty system for drinks and towels is a good one?

Yes 91.1%
No 8.9%

4. If you came to the Pedal Studio Boat Cruise on 8th August how would you describe your experience?

Outstanding 66.7%
Excellent 0.0%
Good 0.0%
Average 33.3%

5. Would you like to see more social events?

Yes 65.9%
No 34.1%

6. Would you like to see 'themed' classes e.g. Spinning Singles, Halloween Spin, Couples Spin?

Yes 31.5%
No 68.5%

7. Do you subscribe to the Blog?

Yes 14.5%
No 85.5%

8. Do you like the monthly newsletter?

Yes 94.6%
No 5.4%

9. Do you think Pedal Studio offers a value for money service?

Yes 94.8%
No 5.2%

£99 - Suunto Heart Rate Monior & 8 rides

You have been Spinning at Pedal Studio very actively. Why not spoil yourself with a M2 Heart Rate monitor from Suunto?

£99 pounds and we will throw in 8 rides with this ~ it's a deal you will never beat EVER !!!

Your own dual comfy belt will also r...eport data on the TV screen in the Studio.

Buzz the cash into the usual account & let Janine know it is for this deal and tell her which colour - Fuchsia (w) or Black (m) ( we will asume black otherwise).

Anyone keen to attend a Pedal Studio 'sports talk' on the last Thursday of a month @7pm for an hour and then some social drinks ?

Spotted Horse looks like a good spot.

Topics ( please suggest some)...

July - Heart Rate Training & VO2 Max Testing

Aug - Nutrition - buring FAT

Sep - Massage / Physio - Rehab

Oct - TriathlonsNov - Cross Training

Jan - What BikeFeb - Yoga & Pilates

Monday, 24 May 2010

Katie (Katie Gormley, Sportsister The Women’s Sports Magazine ~ has been attending Pedal Studio classes.

Ladies if you want inspiration read her Blog !!

Visit Sportsister , it is a great site !

Katie’s Uphill Battle – Getting Started

Spending extensive amounts of time in a darkened room listening to bad music while being shouted at by some aggressive protein addict as I furiously peddle nowhere is not something that has ever appealed to me.
Spinning always seemed utterly ridiculous but I was assured by my most competent cycling acquaintance that if I want to get in shape for the Etape the best way was going to be to combine long weekend rides with spin sessions during the week. The dark mornings and nights of winter mean getting out on the bike during the week isn’t really an option. I don’t have a turbo trainer and nor do I want one (it’s just taking it a little bit too far for me) so I set about researching spin classes.
After loads of searching I found the perfect spot – The Pedal Studio is cycle specific so no crazy push-ups half way through your training session. Other benefits are that there is no joining fee so you simply pay for the sessions you complete. The other options I found were as part of a gym so this either meant large joining fees and monthly subscriptions or strange combination classes that although good for general fitness aren’t quite what I need.
My friend Chris is training for an Ironman this year, she is super fit already and makes my measly efforts to complete the Etape Caledonia look like a walk in the park. In spin though you take your own pace so she was keen to come along with me. She lives in East London too so we can make the rather epic journey to Putney in South London and back together.
I did a couple of classes as a test run and am now utterly converted. Spinning is great! How could I have been so wrong for so long. A couple of training sessions down there every week is going to form a considerable part of my mid-week training. I haven’t totally locked in on my actual training schedule yet, its all a bit fluid right now but with 14 weeks still to go I’ve got time. Note to self though – must do this soon.

Katie’s Uphill Battle – Week 1


Monday 8th FebruarySpin – Aerobic Intervals

As I’ve said before, I was initially a spinning sceptic but am now converted!
One of the great things about the Pedal Studio is that there isn’t any maniac shouting nor any hardcore techno-rave music. Its a really friendly little studio with a great vibe, there is also lots of helpful advice available if you want it. Everyone is encouraged to take their own pace. Your objective effort levels and training zones are explained to you at the beginning of each session as well as the reasons why you are working in this way. Over the course of the session you can then follow your own individual levels as every bodies heart rate and effort levels are displayed on a large screen at the front of the class. I have never worked with a heart rate monitor before and am loving the geek element of it. What I am not loving is how long my recovery is, my unfitness twinkling away in bright colours for all to see. This can only get better and I have convinced myself that my fellow spinners are far too busy minding their own efforts to give a thought to mine.

Immediately after your session you receive via email a summary of your performance. You can see my print out from last night here.

Spinning – back in the saddle
Ah, its good to be back! An endurance session with Richard and it feels like I’ve never been away!
32 minutes of climb which was perfect as my return to exercise. Strangely, or not, I actually felt better than I have in ages and ages – my heart rate was a bit higher than normal but I think that’s the medication and I’ll check this with my doctor next week.
Warm up – 3 minutesHill Climb increasing resistance as we go – 39 minutesCool down – 3 minutes
I have also asked Andrew from the pedal studio to look at my new training schedule which I’ve devised to accommodate for my time out and illness.

Friday 12th March

Andrew has given me feedback and my new programme looks like this: Programme 2 – post illness. I’ve incorporated more hills and am potentially cutting down on my commute. I’ll have to get a good book and succumb to the minimal delights of the Number 38 bus a little more regularly. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve your goals! Now where is my Oyster card?

Easter bank holiday today and what better way to celebrate it than with a 1 ½ hour special at the spin studio! The weather was predicted to be awful, as it the British bank holiday tradition, so the studio have created a longer class to simulate a sort of Pedal Studio Mini-Sportive. Chris and I cycled down to the studio which was about 10 miles, a nice warm-up.

Friday, 7 May 2010

What is spinning?

Spinning or its formal name, Indoor Cycling, was started by Johnny G, a South African, living in America training for the Trans America cycle race across America in the early 1980’s. With insufficient free time to get out and ride the long training rides required for such a race, he rigged up the first indoor cycling bike in his garage which he finally called the 'Johnny G Spinner'. Spinning was born and remains an excellent low impact ~ non load bearing (meaning that as most of your weight is resting on the bike seat) form of exercise that does not destroy joints and tendons.

It takes place on stationery bikes in a group class, lead by an instructor and these classes typically last 45 minutes to an hour. For those doing ‘official’ Spinning these instructors are Spinning Qualified and the bikes used are Johnny G Spinners. To the naked eye this may not mean much but the bikes are top quality. The feel of a weighty Johnny G Spinner is worth its weight in gold. The extensive on going professional training that the Spinning instructors must adhere to is critical to ensure you receive the very best in instruction on the bike.

Spinning accommodates all levels of riders in any class from New Rides to Experienced Riders, the class will deliver the ride you want and the instructor is their to facilitate and train you on your ride. Unlike other Indoor cycling classes like RPM, Spinning allows the Instructors to add their flavour of music and personal touch to each class. Some choose mountain climbs; others core strength and sprinting where others may focus on technique. The trick is to work out which are the instructors you would like to follow and book into their classes.

Each Spinning Studio also offers its unique flavour and the pedigree of the Gym is usually expressed by the level of input these Gyms and Studios apply to hiring their Indoor Cycling instructors. The quality of the instructor will have a significant influence on your Spinning experience. Many people visualise Spinning to be lead by instructors yelling at riders to ‘push harder’ with thumping music and lights flashing in the back ground. Sadly some are and they get it wrong.

Pedal Studio incorporates the Suunto Team Heart rate system which beams your Heart Rate to you at all times and allows the instructor to see this to. Heart rate training is the key to training at the correct intensity level - low intensity levels (55% - 60 % of your Max Heart rate ) will deliver the much sought after Fat Burn. It is important after time to incorporate some high intensity training to really rip the weight off. If your Studio is not prepared to invest in a Heart System for you to use, are they really delivering the training you need? Pedal Studio's system delivers post training reports to your email address noting: training zones, time spent in each and calories burnt. The Heart Rate training is offered free!

You will not find Spinning instructors yelling at Riders at Pedal Studio, instead you will experience an intensity controlled training session governed by your Heart Rate zones.

Benefits of spinning?

Firstly Spinning is something EVERYONE can do. Everyone can sit on a bike seat and pedal - even that delivers health benefits.

Importantly, no matter your weight, Spinning will not result in injuries common to those that people get to tendons, knees and muscles when they decide to start jogging on the whim or after New Years resolutions are made. Spinning is non-load bearing and can accommodate every level of rider in any class. (If you have a back problem – let the instructor know and they will raise your handle bars)

Spinning is unquestionably the most fun, easiest way to burn 400~600 calories in a 45 minute class. The music bounces you along and the instructors keep you focused.
(For those of you who think the seat is terrible, ask for the gel seat, any good studio will have one for you to toughen up on)

Linked into a heart rate system to monitor your training, you will initially notice your respiratory system getting stronger before any weight loss or muscle toning. Spinning will devour calories and used in conjunction with a healthy eating lifestyle you are guaranteed to loose weight, firm up and strengthen your muscles.

Spinning requires strong core muscles in your torso as the standing up and jumps performed require core strength. Spinning thus delivers an intense core strength work out

Spinning is fun and social and you are guaranteed to meet new friends. At Pedal Studio we had a fun Summer Thames Boat Cruise and the winter bowling is coming up.

Triathletes and Cyclist use Spinning, especially in winter months, to maintain their endurance and leg strength.

At Pedal Studio we try to encourage people to take part in races which helps with goal setting and motivation.

How do I start spinning? / Where can I find classes in London?

The official Spinning web site holds a list of all Spinning Studios in the UK. You can search this data base for Spinning Studios.

One word of advice, large gyms advertise Spinning and for the most part they do use Spinning qualified instructors. That said I have seen many that do not use the correct bikes but cheaper versions of the Johnny G Spinner or they mix in other indoor cycling instructors with their Spinning Qualified instructors and the public are none the wiser. Mix your classes around and you will soon work out who are the 'real' instructors who have a passion for cycling. Ask your instructor if they are Spinning Qualified and if the bike does not say ‘Johnny G’ – then you are not Spinning.

Pedal Studio uses 4 Master Spinning instructors and Instructors who live and breath cycling and Spinning. They all compete in cycling and are well educated in Health and Heart Rate Training. The instructors are the key to professional training so chose your club wisely.

To start at Pedal Studio, all you need to do is go to the web site - , register as a new rider, book a class and then turn up. The Pedal Studio is Pay as You go – there are no contracts. The Spinning Qualified instructor will meet you at the class and show you how to set your bike up and will instruct you in riding and spinning techniques. All new riders get a deal of £10 for 7 consecutive days to do as much Spinning as they want. This allows them to try out all the instructors and be sure the Pedal Studio is going to deliver their training needs.

What clothing should I wear?

Most people wear trainers, a comfy T-shirt and shorts. They bring a water bottle (usually 2) and a sweat towel with them. If you can afford £35 on cycling shoes, get some mountain bike styled shoes with SPD cleats (ask your local bike shop they will know what SPD are) and these will help deliver the ride. The cycling motion is not just one of pedalling and putting down force on the pedals with your legs, but the pull up of the pedal is also key. All these techniques will be taught to you by your Spinning Qualified instructor.

Further information?

You are welcome to contact Andrew Clayton, owner of Pedal Studio on 07769692235 or by email -

You can also visit the Official spinning web site at :

Just Pregnant?

If you like us, we were lost and not sure where to turn. Our family is in South Africa and sure we have friends but they do get busy.

As with any exceptional business, word of mouth is the most powerful tool to reward good service and so I wanted to share BabyList with you. What a unique service.

Anita was just fantastic, we spent a full 3 hrs with her and her unquestionable expertise in what is really required vs. what is not was invaluable for our new arrival was amazing. Anita took so much care and effort to get out of us things we never knew were important to us about our soon to be baby girl and then help us select what we needed.

An extra light pram was nailed down to two choices out of so many available prams, it was all so easy. You got to hold, feel, see, pick up, put on and test everything. This is not a catalogue service or your average shop that is usually understaffed by nice people but people who do not own the business.

Forget running around and looking for great deals here and there as you chew up weekends trying to work out what is needed and potentially over buying.

Buy the right stuff, priced right and the right quality in a one off comfy ‘shop’ where coffee and biscuits are part of the visit. Now that is real service and it is no wonder I am writing this out on a Spinning blog.

If ever I could highly recommend a service, Baby List is definitely up there and if you pregnant and expecting, you really would be crazy not to look Anita up and book in.



With just over a month to go until the Tour of Wessex, the first event in the Pendragon Sportive series, we hope the following information will be of interest to you.

There are 274 places left for the Tour of Wessex 2010, entry will close on the 15th May. There will be no waiting list this year so please enter by this date if you wish to participate.

We are making a limited offer to 1000 individuals to sponsor a professional Cycle team team for just £35, in return you will receive the following:
A numbered Certificate of Sponsorship.
A premium designer 'T' shirt that features a Celtic 'Angel' wing design on the back, identifying you as team Angel (men's and women's shape available).

A weekly news letter bringing you the latest news about your team.

Discounted rate for official team merchandise and products including Colnago bikes and Le Col clothing purchased through our retail partner Bike Chain Ricci.

Opportunity to join the team at training weekends and camps.

Opportunity to join the team as a VIP at races including the Halford's Tour Series and British Cycling's Premier Calendar series.

Priority start with National Escort outriders at all Pendragon organised Cyclosportives.
If you would like more information please email us If you would like to become a sponsor of the team or enter a sportive please register your interest here.

Best wishes from
Tel: +44 (0)117 2303037

Ever thought of getting a CARDIO work out?

· With childcare offered (at Eddie Catz)
· It is a 1 hr Spinning session for Preggie Moms & New Moms
· Classes are mid morning but these are NOT Spinning classes as you may think!
· Classes costs £5 and the childcare £7 (for 2 hrs!!!) - £12 for 2 hrs!
· You can shower and grab a coffee after the session

If you want to know more…

Tel Janine on 07769692235


To prepare for these classes, Andrew is running a FREE Sunday 7-8pm evening class at Pedal Studio for the next 3 weeks. (Sun 9th,16&23rd)

All Moms & Moms-To-be are welcome!

Pedal Studio is across the road, next to the Body Shop.

Pedal Studios ~ Master Instructor ~ Mark Tickner ….. kicks some ass

BLOC Steyning Triathlon reported ‘ Fastest results of the weekend were from the BLOC Steyning Triathlon. If ever it were needed, the men's race was a lesson in 'triathletes don't grow old, they just get faster', as the top three men are all in the 'vet' ranks, and we know that Mark and Peter in particular have been racing hard and fast for the best part of 20 years. Consistency counts!

CONGRATS MARK from everyone at the Pedal Studio.

Mark Tickner (Amphibians 2) 1:38:38 (1st overall and new course record!)
Claire Hitchings (7Oaks Tri Club) 1:54:37

Peter Younghusband (Tri-UK Gatorade) 1:39:51
Moyra Amess (Steyning AC) 1:58:01

Phil Gall (SLH Tri Club) 1:41:16
Wendy Martin (Born 2 Tri) 1:58:39

What do our riders say about Pedal Studio ?

Hi there ,

I joined Pedal Studio today and attended my first class it was brilliant.

Jody Buttenshaw


Hi Andrew
Thanks for e-mailing. Yes, I really enjoyed my first class - enjoyed it so much that I went again on Saturday morning!
It's a good workout and more fun than going to the gym! So handy having something like this in Putney.


First off, loving the class and the easy pay as you ride system. The instructors are great, I think Carmen is particularly good. Her energetic classes suit my goals.
Fred Witting


Thanks Andrew,
I've was a member of Virgin Active gym for about three years but recently gave it up because it was just getting too expensive so am looking forward to giving your studio a go on Thursday - especially since you offer the Suunto equipment, this is just what I'm after!
Thanks for making it all so easy,


Hi Andrew,
What an improvement! first time in new a/c comfort, sweat production reduced by 75% & no familiar feeling of fainting on bike but so cool it must have got to my brain as I walked off wearing your Sunnto HRM no 20.


Hi there
I joined today and attended my first class it was brilliant. I would like to attend another class if possible on Wednesday the 8-9 pm class. I have registered for it online is that all I need to do? Thank you....

Btw Carmen almost killed me on Tuesday! Back for more on Friday! Haha!


Hi Andrew

I was there on Tuesday and it is much better, those extra posters definitely have made a difference.

One other little things, if we can have a few more hooks in the shower area for towels at some point that would be great - I think there is only one for the back left one.

(Note from Andrew, all done now)


Hi Andrew
I just read your newsletter – I would love a Pedal Studio cycling club and outrides (road) as I am training for a sportive next May and need to learn to ride in a bunch. Not quite ready to join the Dynamos!


Just looked at my print out high calories but no overreaching! Really enjoyed the class - HARD! Noticed those VMO's of yours being fired up on the standing climbs - scary, see why you are king of the mountains!
Nathan is definitely helping me with a lot of technical issues on the bike. Pushing up to 35-8kph on the flats Monday (enjoy giving Nathan a run for his money) and getting some real 40 plus speed into the straight downhills, now I just gotta learn to do the curves descending fast, I have to get my hands off the bloody brakes!
( Andrew notes – How could I not put that feedback in ? Thanks Dave, and folks don’t forget to check out the good work Nathan is doing - Pedal Studio Out rides with Horizons)


Forgot to email you feedback after my first ride. Have to say, after having done two spinning classes at the leisure centre and absolutely hated it I wasn’t expecting to like the class. The other one had been in the pitch dark with very shouty man and hideous music. I was very surprised when I actually enjoyed the class with Richard a couple of weeks ago! He was really nice, the music was great (songs I’d heard before, just with a faster beat) and the heart rate system is amazing, really helps you know how hard you are pushing yourself.
Really glad I found you guys!


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for this. I actually think that pedal studio is a very professional and friendly place.

Best wishes,


I'm really enjoying spinning and Lisa's classes in particular. Can hardly believe the studio has been going nearly a year. You guys do a great job in running it, thanks!



Hi there Andrew,

I've been telling my Girlfriend how great the Studio is and she's keen to find out what she's missing. I think the studio's fab by the way although I reckon another 'Lisa style' longer ride would be good.

Oh, and I managed to get into the Etape - so I reckon I'll be doing plenty of double sessions soon.

Kind regards



Hi Andrew
I had a great time spinning for the first time in 6 or 7 yrs... I took it pretty slowly
I've signed up for this Sat with Lisa for a road session - taking up the offer- £10 for 7 days :)
looking forward to Saturday's session


I have just done my second session – an endurance session which I found very different from spinning classes that I have done in the past. Trying to control the heart rate instead of just going for it was very different !! I find the white percentage figures on the screen very difficult to read especially in the green and yellow zone. Can they be in black or is that not possible?
I have really enjoyed the two classes that I have done and will definitely be continuing after this week.


Otherwise, my first class on the 10/02/10 rocked and I'll definitely be back! I was so impressed with the equipment and the standard of instructor! I cant tell you how many gym spinning classes I have been to and have been horribly disappointed in the classes they have given!! So well done to you guys, see you soon!!

By the way I love the studio-the approach to exercise and fitness is so refreshing. Thankyou.
Many thanks.


The heart rate techno really adds the quality and the fun/ interest of the spinning - I am addicted already
I am LOVING the pedal studio though - the two classes i've been to have been SO enjoyable I can't tell you.
I love the fact that i'm learning so much about training and recovery as well as getting a really good work out - my friend Chris and I travel from E9 and E8 to come to your studio but I think its definitely worth it. Keep up the good work! (I will do the same and with any luck the spinning will help me to conquer the caledonia etape with ease in May!)
best wishes,


Hi Andrew,
Just a quick response to this email - I've been to a couple of other spinning classes and the Pedal Studio is by far the best. It feels like real training by people who actually know what they're talking about in terms of fitness and physical performance. The heart rate monitors are great and enhance my understanding of the different levels of training we are trying to attain during the classes.
Best wishes,

hi andrew

just came back from 8.30 class with Lisa - really great to have a later time slot in the week for those of us who sometimes get stuck at work/don't live so close to the studio. please keep this time slot! :)
best Tom
Your instructors are fabulous and how they manage to be so very upbeat at that time of the morning I just don't know.
Kindest regards
I was at your class yesterday at 6pm.
I thought the class was great as usual and I also though some of the tunes you played were great, could by any chance let me know the names and artists of the tracks you played? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

I adored my first class today, it was brilliant, and I would love to book into some more.


Hi Andrew
Thanks for the newsletter. I love the Pedal Studio, and have noticed it is SUPER busy since xmas! You mention suggestions for other class times are welcome, I would definately be interested more lunch time sessions (1pm) or (5.30pm) sessions.
Also, the pilates sounds great, would be good to hear more about it later on when you have set plans for it.
To be honest, the size of the studio makes it really appealing too.


Hi Andrew,
I wanted you to know that I loved the classes I took last week. I really enjoyed them.


Hi Andrea,
No worries. By the way, had the best endurance class ever today with Marne. Really good.


The 'Spinning Man' ~Rick from Brighton Boot Camp ( paid us a visit from Brighton.
Andrew, it was a pleasure to be lead through such a sound ride, I may have to make it a regular occurrence :-)

Thank you


You sent me loads of training info a while back which I am following and things are going great. I am keen to do a long distance swim, but have no idea where to get advice and a training schedule for this.
Folks we definitely are the right place for swimming, running and cycling - Pro Vo2 offers all this training to Pedal Studio riders, drop me a mail if you want coaching. Andrew (

Hi Andrew,

I went to a few of your spin classes last week and I loved it!
Kind regards,



Thanks so much Andrew,
You make it so easy...
It's booked and I'm looking forward to the ride...
I've even persuaded a friend to come and join me too.
Di :-)


I also wanted to say that the Sunday 1.5 hour spin was excellent. I have had a few classes with Oscar now, and I find him to be an excellent instructor.


The Pedal Stroke

Daniele attends classes at Pedal Studio and seems to have found some conflicting views on coaching when it comes to the much spoken about Pedal Stroke.


Mark, I've attended one of your classes last week and you mentioned that on the pedal stroke we should only focus on pushing down rather than also pulling up. This contradicts what another instructor (Richard) at the Pedal Studio has advised, he was talking about a full circle pedal stroke.

Have I missed something or is there 2 school of thoughts out there?


Pedal Studio’s Master Spinning Instructor and Master Coach – TrainingBibleUK explains.

It’s not a case of we are contradicting each other it’s a case of different coaches following different ideas. Neither of us are wrong, there will always be different trains of thought with regards to pedal stroke and not many coaches agree on the same things.

There have been many studies on pedal stroke and for many years coaches believed that we should focus on a smooth pedal circle which is always a good thing as this builds a good smooth action and utilises the muscle groups efficiently and effectively.

However... on an indoor cycling bike we use a fixed gear bike. If you focus on pulling up you can cause strain in the knee cap and can cause injury to that area. What you want is to focus more so on the down stroke as from the 2oclock position to the 5oclock position you generate the most power.As soon as the 5oclock position is reached the other foot is almost ready to push down again and if you focus too much on the upstroke then you lose the focus on the down stroke which is a far more powerful part of the stroke.

While some well-intentioned but misleading articles may advise novice cyclists to pull up on the pedals in the recovery phase of your pedal stroke (between 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock), in fact elite cyclists draw very little power from pulling up. Only sprinters and racing hill climbers derive power from pulling up on the pedals when they are pedalling at maximal effort. If a rider pulls up too hard on her pedals during a long ride, then she will needlessly fatigue her hamstrings. Instead, focus on pulling your leg up just enough that the opposite leg doesn't have to compensate for the dead weight. Once pushing through the whole pedal stroke is mastered, riding at a higher cadence without bouncing is easier.


This is Mark’s view from what he has studied and there will be many articles disagreeing with this and sticking to the traditional ‘Smooth’ ‘Oval/ rugby ball’ shaped pedal stroke. As Mark notes, ‘if every coach thought the same then every athlete would be the same!’

We definitely do not get riders jumping off Spinning bikes with knee injuries. This is something to read into especially the research into the power measured in a Pedal Stroke. As with all things, there are varying opinions.

Further reading ---

So who would have thought Pedal Stroke would have been discussed in a Spinning class, this is the coaching talk saved for one on one coaching at Tri Clubs that you would not normally have access to. Pedal Studio truly is different and our coaches/instructors are the key to this success.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Black Mountains 3 Day Mountain Bike Stage Event

How does three days of testing yourself in the saddle with rocky descents, huge climbs and Welsh forest riding sound? Well it’s going to exceed all expectations, so clear some space in your summer diary for the Black Mountains 3 Day.

Black Mountains 3 Day is a 3 day mountain bike stage endurance event running from 30 July – 1 August 2010. Set in the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park of South Wales, it will be a tough but rewarding ride through unforgiving terrains and tough technical trails.

To reward all your hard work during the day everything else is going to be as comfortable as possible. The Black Mountains 3 Day is a fully serviced event providing hot showers, massages, tailored nutrition and lovely tented villages to rest your exhausted body. There’ll also be mechanics and bike wash facilities on hand so your bike's as well cared for as you.

Brecon Beacons National Park is renowned for its incredible scenery and amazing sense of remoteness and it's popular with walkers and riders. Over the 3 days you'll be experiencing all the best aspects of riding in the National Park, and will be passing through a number of friendly local communities.

So get involved with this incredible experience, whether you are riding alone or with a buddy and whether you are a seasoned stage racer or a first timer. We've also got packages for family and friends to come along and support the riders, so you don't have to suffer alone.

Official registration is now open on a first come first served basis and you can register at .

Be part of a mountain biking event that is bound to become legendary. Visit for more information. Or check out for updated news about routes, suppliers and the website.

General information about the ride

· Day 1 - 101kms, day 2 - 91kms and day 3 - 88kms

· More than 8,000 metres climbing over the three days!

· Very challenging terrain in the dry – if its wet then quadruple the challenge

· Expect to carry your bike up very steep ascents and unbelievably on a descent or two

· Expect a mix of single track, jeep track, fire road, natural tracks and a tiny bit of farm road (this is needed to link sections together)

· All routes will be marked and signed. There will also be .GPX files available a week before the event.

· All routes will be marshalled and there will be full medical support pre, during and post each day's ride

· Feed stations stocking Torq products will be available on each stage

General information about the tented village

· Tents will be supplied and erected by Bearded Man on a shared basis (3 man tents for 2 people) – there is a single supplement available

· Food (breakfasts and dinners) will be supplied by the legendary Drop Off Café. Lunches will be available to buy at the tented village after the day's riding. Lunch will be supplied by the local communities and will include food such as BBQ, sandwiches, cakes etc.

· Optional extras will be available including massages and there will be a bike maintenance team that charge standard rates to fix bikes.

To get the most out of the day 2 route, the tented village will remain in the same place for the second and third evening.