Monday, 2 August 2010

Pedal Studio Nutritionist - Zuzana

A brand new nutritionist imported to Pedal Studio from Europe.

Whether you want to reduce your weight, eat well and have a balanced diet, reduce the risk of common health problems (diabetes, infarctum, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis) or you are already in the risk groups and want sound advice for promoting nutritional well-being, please feel free to make an appointment and come to see Zuzana in Pedal Studio to talk about what could be adjusted in your diet.

Shake off the marketing magic formulas and work out together how to improve your life style. She won't promise any miracles, as she has left her magical wand in the Cech Republic, but an adjusted diet, regular exercise, cooperation based on 100 % commitment from both sides and individual support can make a lot. Together you can find the most beneficial approach to healthy eating and make you feel healthier without the risk of side effects linked with diet pills.

After assessing your nutritional status describing the state of your health related to your diet, Zuzana can make a tailor-made dietary plan which will be very individual. There are several tools to rate your nutritional status, for example body analysing on the body composition scale, blood pressure measurements, medical history or blood test (if provided). Another important source for her will be a food record sheet and she will ask you to jot down everything you drink and eat within seven consecutive days. To make the notes at the time of eating and not later from memory really makes sense. Being honest with yourself is crucial to success and please do not eat less because you don’t like to write :-)

So, that´s the way to make really individual plan which will be effective (if followed). A plan designed for the needs of one particular person will not work if handed over to another person because it is not individual. We are all different and individuality is the key here. We should all strive to be nicely balanced, but human individuality brings the paradox: what is a balance for person A is not a balance for person B.

If you are in the risk group for the common cardiovascular diseases, it is always a good idea to ask your GP to have your blood tests checked (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, urine acid). It is for your own benefit and can be used to build a successful diet plan.

It takes Zuzana a maximum of ten days from the day you email her your food record sheet to make your dietary plan. A plan hand-over consultation is usually done in person. After you start following the plan, she will be happy to receive feed-back from you. You can always contact her by email or call for any advice or if any support is needed.

Any more questions? Please, feel free to call Zuzana on 07799 077 312 or email her .

One last thing, please have your kitchen scale ready to use as the food weight really matters here. If you need advise on scales, chat to Zuzana, she can promise she will train you to hone your food weight estimation skills to perfection in a very short space of time.

Zuzana is looking forward to working with you .......... because your success is hers and this is her passion.